For Show

Beguiled Productions Reel from Beguiled Productions on Vimeo.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to lately, from music videos to awards ceremonies.

The music track is called ‘Blackize’ and is by Beguiled’s Darth Fader. Get in touch if you would like to licence this tune.


It’s All Downhill

Our recent lack of posts is purely down to the workload that we’ve been under. It’s has been hectic in a great way, with big projects undertaken for Jaguar, McAfee and PlayStation PS4.

Anyway, here is a clip that we scored for Oakley, starring Lindsey Vonn in the ‘Beyond Reason’ campaign.


‘Sleeper on the Seine’ makes the cut.

Now seems a good time to share the news that I have just been contacted by Professional Photographer Magazine to say that an image from my Paris set (Sleeper on the Seine) has made the shortlist in the Street category in this year’s competition.

Obviously I’m buzzing about this as there have been around 5000 entries from 40 countries. Editor Adam Scorey picked my picture ‘Stargazers’ as his favourite entry in last year’s competition, which was both an honour and a career highlight for me.

I almost didn’t enter this year as I wasn’t sure if I could top last year’s outcome, though I was really pleased with my street stuff from Paris this year, so I gave it another shot.

Recognition from the UK’s leading photographic journal means a great deal to me. Luckily, it’s a proper photographic competition so you don’t have to go and vote for me in your tens! Fingers crossed.


Strike it Zero

Strike it Zero are a brand new band from Essex, UK. So new in fact , that we shot these pictures before they had even recorded their first EP. I like bands who know the power of a great picture.

The weather had killed off our first shoot, so we rescheduled and I met the trio, (I love trios), at their rehearsal space just outside Chelmsford. Photogenic locations were scant, and though bands-in-the-forest photo shoots have spawned a thousand clichés, the woods near the studio were the best location. Not least because this was the spot we were least likely to get shot at for trespassing. Anything for the picture.

I had brought 3 flashes and some gels with me. The light in the woods was contrasty to say the least. I wanted to even that up with flash but also use some of the fierce backlight (from the sun) later in the session.

Except when the brief says otherwise, I like to see ‘hyperreal’, artificial light in natural spaces, and I put a beauty dish over the band and putting a kicker with a red gel behind them on camera left. I used coloured gel as even though I was into pastoral vibe, I wanted to bring a little bit of the city with me and avoid anything too folksy. I started out with the beauty dish gridded but the light fall-off was too great so I discarded it.

I wanted to go for a different vibe on this one, something a little more organic-looking, inspired by frontman Matt’s 12-string acoustic guitar. I’ve played around with some motion in the frame, as well as some cross processing. One of my favourite shots is the off-axis comp of three head shots.